Review Pupuseria

Pupuseria Reina La Bendicion

An influx of residents from Central America enriches Nashville every day with its skilled labor, vibrant music, culture and food. Enjoy Mexican-American and authentic Mexican, or experience something new to you.

Savor a pupuseria such at the El Salvadorian Pupuseria Salvadorena, 340 Welch Road, off Nolensville Road, Nashville’s “international” corridor. A pupusera is where pupusas are sold. These thick corn or flour (or rice flour) tortillas are filled with cheese, beans, crisp bits of pork, or all three. It is a homestyle food is flavorful and filling with a side of crunchy, minty, peppery Salvadoran slaw. Fish is a staple in coastal countries of Central America, and the whole fried mojarra, a white-flesh fish of the Caribbean is a must try. It’s a beautiful presentation, and so delicious you may find yourself abandoning knife and fork.

Weekends here, as in most Mexican and Central American restaurants, bring special soups reminiscent of the hearty, long-simmered dishes from mama’s kitchen. These often aren’t listed on the menu, so ask your server. Or play it simple, with burritos stuffed with pork, beef, beans and/or cheese.

This venue repays the adventurous diner in an unexpected and delicious experience Special note that it is not the ambiance but the food that makes this a chart topper.

Nicki Wood contributed to this article