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with a Passport to the Nations in Our Neighborhood

BUY PASSPORT AT Barnes&Noble Vanderbilt, Savory Spice Shop in Franklin, TN and Parnassus Books in Green Hills, Le Creuset in Brentwood or  online.

Enjoy a sample plate anytime Jan. 11 – April 26

Anatolia | Americano (OPENING END OF JAN.)| Athens | Bavarian Bierhaus |  Inchins | J.Gumbos | Madera | Nama | Sindoore | Table 3 | Vui’s Kitchen (Edesia closed for remodeling)

Meetups:  NAMA in Brentwood, Jan. 22 5:30-7:30pm
Plaza Mariachi, Feb. 23 6:30 pm

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Defy prejudice, racism and bigotry and embrace the nations in our neighborhood through cuisine.

Global Beats online guide launched for Music City


Exotic spices not only enliven everyday foods with their bold colors and flavors, their medicinal properties have been utilized throughout the centuries.
Health benefits