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Best way to try Indian: A lunch buffet

The best way to sample Indian cuisine is through a lunch buffet, where subjis (vegetables) and meat dishes enamor blissful guests. Eastern culinary creativity charms first timers and aficionados who will usually find the following “regulars” on a buffet; pakoras, (vegetables or fish deep fried in chick peas flour); chicken tikka masala (grilled chicken in a cream sauce); tandoori chicken (“Indian BBQ” where chicken is marinated in yogurt and a chili spice mix, then roasted in a clay oven); basmati rice; naan and additional dishes served wet or dry and prepared in Ayurvedic spices. Indian spices are not just rich in flavor, they offer a long list of health benefits including digestive and joint healing.

Note: Just as important as enjoying the food is knowing how to eat it. Here is a clip on South Indian comfort food, idli.

CLIP: How to eat idli at a South Indian restaurant

RECOMMENDED: House of India. Chai tea included in buffet! 9100 Carothers Pkwy #105, Franklin, TN 37067
M-F 11 am - 2 pm
Sat and Sun 11 am - 2:30 om

If dining out for dinner, consider ordering a veg or non veg thali (a combination platter).